About Einat Nathan

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Einat Nathan (photo: Adi Orni)

Einat Nathan is a parenting expert, public speaker and bestselling author, certified by the Adler Institute and the Ministry of Education for Parental Instruction and Group Instruction. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Tel Aviv University.

In recent years she has begun to work the experience, insights and knowledge accumulated into a significant breadth of work in the media, including TV morning talk shows and radio, a hit podcast (with Hila Korach), and a popular columns on major newspapers and website.

Her book (“Haimsheli” in Hebrew, published by top publisher Kinneret Zmora Bitan), was the national bestseller of the year across all categories (2018) and is still a steady-seller. It has sold more than 60,000 copies so far.

The rights for the book had been acquired by U.S. publisher Hachette and it is about to be published in North America on March 2021, under the name “My Everything”. So far, the book was also sold to publishers in China, South Korea and Holland.

Einat lives in Tel Aviv with her husband Yuval, and her five children Eyal, Yoav, Lihi, Rona, and Shira.

Einat is represnted by Aevitas Creative Management.


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